GGEF announced Juliana Lam, Elaine Ng, Sandra Marichal and Yisha He as the four Women Game Changer Awards’ winners.

Hong Kong, 18th October 2017 – GGEF (Global Green Economic Forum) has announced the four female pioneers who are the winners of its inaugural Women Eco Game Change Awards 2017. The awards acknowledge and gives recognition to women who are leading and inspiring change in the community and environment through innovation.

At the ceremony on 18 October 2017, GGEF awarded Elaine Ng, the founder of The Fabrick Lab, the Eco Innovator Award; Yisha He, Founder and Chairman of Zhejiang Unisun Energy, the Social Eco Game Changer Award; Sandra Marichal, Founder of #Up2degrees, the Eco Star of Asia Award; and Juliana Lim, Founder and Managing Director of Julius Industries, the Lifetime Achievement Award.

About the Winners

Juliana Lam, Founder & Managing Director of Julius Industries, The Lifetime Achievement Award Winner:

Juliana serves as Founder and Managing Director of Julius Industries Ltd. She has accumulated over 20 years of experiences in gloves & accessories industries and managed over 20 gloves factories in China and South East Asia countries. She is one of the key executives behind the famous NGO, Green Monday. Through education, she sponsors finance aid for needed students and works as visiting professor helping graduates-to-be at the Minjiang University at FuZhou. She also helps an eLearning platform at Athena Education Foundations to promote writing and family bonding through fun education learning programs.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Miss Juliana Lam returned to Hong Kong and joined her family’s OEM glove manufacturing business. The AML Group Holdings is a glove-maker founded by her father in 1963.

Juliana is keen to transform the old manufacturing business model through R&D, with the passion of sustainability at heart. She decided to start her own glove manufacturing factory, Julius Industries, and commit 20% of investment in R&D to produce high tech, durable gloves with an eco-friendly supply chain.

Juliana and her family have been sponsoring the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital groups for over 15 years, starting with the healthy diet and lifestyle program called the New Start program, promoting an overall healthy lifestyle through vegetarian eating, green activities, and mind. In 2012, she became one of the few key executives to form a well-known NGO “Green Monday” in Hong Kong to further promoting green and healthy living style.
Through education, she sponsors finance aid for needed students and works as visiting professor helping graduates-to-be at the Minjiang University at FuZhou.

Elaine Ng, Founder of The Fabrick Lab, the Eco Innovator Award Winner:

Elaine Ng, also known as the techno fairy by Elle Deco, is the founder of The Fabrick Lab bringing together textiles, electronics, bio mimicry, interiors and installations. Elaine is a British Chinese materialologist and a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London where she earned her MA Design in Textile Futures with distinction. She is a TED fellow and is globally recognized, having worked with international design companies such as Nissan Design Europe and Nokia Design Beijing with multi design awards.

Elaine made her first visit to Guizhou, southern region of  China in 2013. She discovered there’s a strong heritage of handcraft, but sadly the only 10% of the craft skills were being passed on to the next generation.

Her Guizhou hub was built to provide in-house facilities to improve safety and efficiency of textile production and create a community for the artisans to work/ live in. They have worked collaboratively with the artisans to extract the best qualities of their traditional textiles and form a range of contemporary textiles and products that coincide with modern lifestyle.

Their product ranges are a celebration of the local craftsmanship skills including batik, weave and embroidery. These techniques use locally harvested resources, such as indigo, soy beans, red beans. Combining their design innovation at The Fabrick Lab with these heritage skills in the Guizhou village, they have been able to fuse tradition with modern design to create unique materials such as a red bean coated cotton which can be laser cut. Their unique, transparent and traceable supply chain ensures that when customers buy their products, they have assurance that their money is going directly towards supporting this sustainable ecosystem.

Her company committed to providing the local artisans with both tangible assets and skill based benefits from being part of the UN/Fold project.
Elaine is a British Chinese materialogist and a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London where she earned her MA Design in Textile Futures with distinction.

Sandra Marichal, Founder of Up2Degrees, The Eco Star of Asia Award Winner:

Awarded Top 20 Women to Watch in Marketing by Campaign Asia, Sandra is a Regional Content Strategist for Facebook IQ. She is the Founder of #up2 degrees – a movement that aims to raise awareness about climate change in Singapore by getting people to turn the temperature of their air conditioners #up2degrees so the planet won’t have to do it.

Sandra was inspired at one of the GGEF’s events and self-funded to join Robert Swan’s 2041 International Antarctic Expedition. She founded #up2degrees – a movement that aims to raise awareness about climate change in Singapore and get people to turn the temperature of their air conditioning units up by #up2degrees so the planet won’t have to do it.

Sandra spent a year to built a team of climate experts, content strategists, and designers to work alongside the NTU Energy Lab to quantify the impact of raising the temperature by up 2 degrees Celsius. After a thorough review of the existing research literature and the development of an aircon consumption model, they successfully quantify 34% energy savings SGD750 bill savings and the preservation of 100 trees (in terms of carbon dioxide absorption capacity) annually for a typical 2-bedroom scenario.

#up2degrees successfully worked with Singapore’s environmental authorities to regulate temperatures in public spaces and commercial buildings officially changing the Green Mark Award requirements to ensure all new non-residential buildings will have a set ‘thermal comfort’ of a temperature between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius with 60% humidity.

Yisha He, Founder and Chairman of Zhejiang Unisun Energy, The Social Eco Game Changer Award:

(Sanford Chu received the Award on behalf of Yisha He) With a view to response to the national call of energy saving and emission reduction in China, Unisun was established, a leading renewable energy solution provider headquartered in Shanghai with global operations in Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United States, and Australia. Unisun has completed about 800MW PV projects and will have about 1GW project reservation by the end of 2017.

After studying abroad, Yisha was saddened by the severe environmental issues when she returned to her home country, China. Being a pious Christian, she wanted to help to tackle environmental problems by providing clean energy solution and better living environment to the mankind. She and her partners set up Unisun Energy, and they grew the small company with a handful of employees to the largest distributed energy investors in China and a global leading clean energy solution provider.

Unisun works closely, ENGIE, which is a world-leading energy company to provide clean energy solution in China. They invest in R&D, and Unisun is the first player to introduce smart energy management cloud platform and service system in China. Their subsidiary, Uper Energy, specializes in PV project operation and maintenance through technical means and self-innovation.

Under Yisha’s leadership, Unisun also helped over 30 enterprises in energy transformation and provided cleantech solutions in over 50 regions and cities around the world. The result of reducing carbon emission equals to 800,000 cars’ carbon emission a year which benefits over 10 million people. Meanwhile, Yisha initiated the PV charity program will continue to bring stable income to provide lighting and heating facilities for 3 Hope Schools in China.

Congratulations to all Women Eco Game Changer Awards’ Winners!

Please continue to watch this space as GGEF will be calling for 2018 awards submission soon. 

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