He Yisha is the Founder of Unisun Energy Group, she was awarded the Social Eco Game Changer Award at the inaugural GGEF Women Eco Game Changer Award 2017 ceremony in Hong Kong PMQ on 18 October 2017. When Yisha returned from studying abroad a few years ago, she saw the growing imbalance between economic and environmental development in China. She made a personal commitment to improve such situation by providing a stable and clean energy to her

  “Don’t ask what the community can do for you, but ask what you can do for the community.” It was well said by our Lifetime Achievement Award winner who joined us at the inaugural Women Eco Game Changer 2017 award ceremony in Hong Kong PMQ on the 18 October 2017. Awarded as an Entrepreneur of Tomorrow 2010 by Capital Entrepreneur Magazine, China Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Awards 2012 by