Jessica’s journey began at the 8thedition of the CDL E-Generation Challenge 2017 which is a youth centric competition targeted to encourage and empower youths to come up with solutions against climate change. Jessica Cheam, founder and managing editor of Eco-Business, was the unanimous winner after her 3,000-word essay and social media campaign impressed the judges greatly.

The prize – a chance to join Robert Swan for a 2-week expedition to Antarctica in March 2018.

Jessica Cheam proudly waving the Singapore flag in Antarctica

Antarctica is thousands of miles away from Singapore and its weather a total opposite of Singapore’s tropical climate. Yet, the 2 countries are inextricably linked when it comes to climate change. Antarctica is home to giant ice sheets that have recently been the victim of global warming. Scientists predict that the rapid collapse of these Antarctic glaciers could flood coastal cities by the end of the century. Indeed, a cause of concern for the low-lying ‘Little Red Dot’, Singapore.

Jessica Cheam with Robert Swan, founder of 2041 Climate Force

Jessica Cheam set off to Antarctica with a mission – to come back with a story on why Antarctica matters to her home nation Singapore. Along with video-journalist Fraser Morton as well as loads of camera equipment, she was all set to capture the sights and sounds of Antarctica.

The unparalleled beauty of Antarctica

Indeed, Antarctica never fails to amaze. Glaciers, floating sheets of ice drifting aimlessly in the ocean, penguins, seals and even whales. It makes one wonder what nature could look like if there wasn’t any human interference.

On board the Ocean Endeavor, Jessica mingled with the other 80 ambassadors around the world. It was a platform for them to share and inspire each other with their struggles back at home and also the progress they have made in promoting sustainability. The group also went through a leadership programme that equipped them with the know-how to become part of a global force for change.

Members of the International Antarctica Expedition 2018

As Jessica reaches her final stop at Ushuaia, it seems her expedition has come to an end. However, it is merely the beginning of her journey to fight climate change by sharing her story with others.

2018 is Singapore’s Year of Climate Action. In line with it, Jessica has launched the Changing Course exhibition which will be held from 1 June to 12 July at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The exhibition will feature the stunning photos taken at Antarctica and a short documentary on her expedition.

Changing Course Exhbition at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Yet, this exhibition is only one of the pieces in the sustainability jigsaw puzzle. Jessica plans to continue her storytelling by producing a documentary with Asian broadcaster Channel NewsAsia which has a viewership across 28 countries in Asia. Additionally, Jessica’s Eco-Business also organised a photograph contest on Instagram where the top 3 winning shots will be featured at the exhibition.



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