09: 00 | Welcome Remarks & Special Keynote

Harold W

Harold Wong
Master of Ceremony

Christina Lee Picture_150416

Christina Lee
Founder & CEO

KS Wong _edit

Wong Kam Sing
GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment
HKSAR Government

09: 35 | A Voice from the young Eco Warrior

09: 40 | Plenary I : Eat, Live, Play

Millennials are a burgeoning consumer class with growing affluence, with an estimated $170B of purchasing power globally. Their consumption and purchasing decisions will have a tremendous impact on global sustainability efforts.

Many companies are using recycled and up-cycled materials with their products, are they making change for their environmentally conscious consumers? Or companies are trying to educate their consumers to be more environmentally friendly? Either way, both consumers and businesses need to make change for our own survival on this planet. Let’s examine the latest change and trend in the supply chain and find out where the new opportunities are.

Plenary Guest Speakers

Anderson Lee - Copy

Anderson Lee
Business Director
HK Non-Woven


Elaine Yan Ling Ng
Fabrick Lab

Ester An

Esther An
Chief Sustainability Officer
City Developments Limited


Anne-Laure Herrezuelo

Anne-Laure Herrezuelo
Creative consultant, Facilitator, People Engagement and Community Builder Expert
ALH&A Studio

10: 30 | See Antarctica through VR & Networking

10: 50 | Plenary II: From Zero to Hero

Starting a business ain’t  easy, but how about the challenges and opportunities to grow and sustain a business? Are there any key perspectives and strategies that should be taken into consideration to increase the survival rate of a business? For youth to take the geographically advantages of the Belt & Road Initiative, are their creative ideas welcomed by BRI countries?

We will be hearing success cases and tips from executive coaches, policy makers and entrepreneurs in this plenary on how to build a sustainable business.

Plenary Guest Speakers

THE PAWN portrait color 0680

Alan Lo
Co-founder and Executive Director
Classified Group

Juliana Lam

Juliana Lam
Founder & Managing Director
Julius Group

Pearl Mao

Pearl Mao
Executive Director
Tsinghua x-lab


Anne-Laure Herrezuelo

Anne-Laure Herrezuelo
Creative consultant, Facilitator, People Engagement and Community Builder Expert
ALH&A Studio

11: 40 | Keynote Speech

Building A Sustainable Future Is Possible.

Screenshot 2019-02-13 12.57.32

Barney Swan
International Director
Climate Force

14: 15 | Special Keynote

Dream the Unthinkable.

Vincent Ng - Copy

Vincent Ng
Harbourfront Commission

14: 45 | Plenary III : The Innovation & Technology Led Generation

The future will be led by the young generation who grew up with smartphones, Netflix, social media, e-commerce and IoT, so using technology to change the way they consume and live won’t be educated but integrated. How much or how deep could they integrate innovation and technology into their work places or start ups?

We are seeing innovation and technology being created to generate a whole new industry segment. What is it? How practical is it to generate profit or growth?

Plenary Guest Speakers


Cliff Wu Kin-Fai
General Manager
HK EV Power Limited


Renee L. Comly
President and CEO
Biomass Energy Systems, Inc.


Ewan Windebank
Student Leader
Climate Action Hong Kong


Anne-Laure Herrezuelo

Anne-Laure Herrezuelo
Creative consultant, Facilitator, People Engagement and Community Builder Expert
ALH&A Studio

15: 35 | See Antarctica through VR & Networking

15: 50 | Plenary IV: Show me the Money!

Under the competitive start up landscape, it makes fundraising more challenging. While entrepreneurs are selling their dreams enthusiastically, investors are also looking for their ROI seriously. We often see the mismatch of expectations between the two, so what is the best way to close the gap?

Does ESG matter to start up in the process of fundraising? How could start up raise fund successfully? Could investors help start up to yield the best ROI? We shall hear from experts of both camps to share their success stories as well as lessons that they have learned in the investment process.

Plenary Guest Speakers

Screenshot 2019-03-06 15.17.05

Anthony Cheung
Managing Director, Head of ESG and Sustainable Investing
Hamon Investment Group


Jean-Marc Champagne
Head of Environmental Finance
WWF-Hong Kong

Larry Poon

Prof Larry K.Y. Poon
MBA program of The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Christina Lee Picture_150416

Christina Lee
Founder & CEO

16: 40 | Special Guest Speaker


Tim Kobe
Design Leader, Author and Founder
Eight Inc.

17: 15 | Fireside Chat

Eugenia Chow

Eugenia Chow
Hong Kong Team Leader
Bye Bye Plastic Bags


Haruka Cheung
Student Leader
Climate Action Hong Kong


Themis Kung
Student Leader
Climate Action Hong Kong

18: 00 | End of Forum

* Speakers are listed in alphabetical order of their first name.

Who should attend?

Youth or those who are young at heart, students, business executives, professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs, startups, designers, investors, and social entrepreneurs.

Why should you attend?

We will help you to figure out the ‘why’ that brings impact not only to our economy but social and environment.

WHAT can you expect?

You will be inspired to develop a purposeful and impactful career for yourself.

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