Hong Kong, 31 May 2019 – GGEF (Global Green Economic Forum) announced the winners of the 2019 Women Eco Game Changers Awards yesterday, further fostering a culture of sustainability and women’s empowerment.

The awards ceremony gathered leading figures, influencers, and experts from the government, academia, business and cultural sectors in Hong Kong to honour the winner’s accomplishments and celebrate the third edition of the awards.


2019 GGEF Women Eco Game Changers Awards winners (from left to right):

    • Christine Lemaitre, Chief Executive Officer of German Sustainable Building Council, received The Eco Innovator Award honouring her contribution to tackling global challenges through design and urban planning.
    • Elizabeth Lai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reconnect Limited, received The Social Eco Game Changer Award (Silver) for her efforts in supporting environmental education and research.
    • Phua Huijia, the founding director of Skillseed, won The Eco Star of Asia in recognition of her contribution to the development of environmental education within communities.
    • Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer at City Developments Limited, won The Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication of promoting CSR and sustainability in the business and society in ASEAN for over two decades.
    • Lucky Dissanayake, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Biomass Ventures Pte Ltd topped the list, taking home The Social Eco Game Changer Award (Gold) for her contributions in the development of renewable energy.
    • Apple Chui, a lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, was awarded The Eco Star of China for her success in raising awareness among students and the public, and her inspiring efforts in marine conservation.
    • Lisa Loo, Chief Executive Officer (Acting) and Chief Innovation and Incubation Officer at Social Ventures Hong Kong, was awarded The Social Eco Game Changer Award (Bronze) for her achievements in leading social innovation projects.

First presented in 2017, the 2019 Women Eco Game Changers Awards by GGEF are Asia’s first and only awards promoting sustainability & women’s empowerment in the world of business. They aim to encourage and recognise women who are driving and inspiring change and are making an impact on the community and the environment through innovation. With the awards now in their third year running, the GGEF has acknowledged the growing number of talented and dedicated propagators of sustainability who have devoted their time and energy to drive new, innovative social initiatives, by introducing new Bronze, Silver and Gold categories in the Social Eco Game Changers Award in order to honour advocates who have contributed to environmental and sustainable growth in the business sector.

“I am thrilled to see the number of submission and quality of the awards is growing year on year. The expansion of the Social Eco Game Changer category is very encouraging for us, because it’s not only a sign that the sustainability community is growing but our award is also getting traction. I can’t stress enough how important it is for us take care of social, human and environmental capital in order to build a sustainable future together. Hence, I believe by giving recognition to these Women Eco Game Changers through this award will generate a greater positive impact to our society”,said Christina Lee, Founder and CEO of GGEF.

The event was supported by various members of academia as well as industry experts who served as guest speakers, including Mr. Barney Swan, International Director of 2041 Climate Force, Professor Lye Lin Heng from the National University of Singapore and Lucia Torresi, Founder of Ecoparties; all of whom shared their expert insights on environmental protection and sustainable development.

Mr. Barney Swan, International Director of 2041 Climate Force, as well as Climate Ambassador of GGEF, said, “I am honoured to be part of GGEF’s events in Hong Kong, and witnessed the winners’ stories with many business leaders last night. I am proud of the winners as well as GGEF, they are the real game changers of tackling both social and environmental challenges caused by climate change. I am delighted to share my story at the awards last night and I look forward to inspiring more eco warriors at the GGEF Youth Forum tomorrow at PMQ.”


For more information about the Women Eco Game Changer Awards, please click here.


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